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Grazalema – Llanos del Endrinal – Charca Verde – Fardela – Benaocaz

23 February, 2017 by admin

There are two daily buses from Benaocaz to Grazalema, one th village at 07:40 and another at 15:40. This route starts in the adjacent village of Grazalema, the bus leaves us in the plaza. We can fill our bottles in the square’s fountain and start ascending through the village looking for the camping. At the camping’s entrance, we take a path that goes to the left, with the Tajo Rodillo always in sight at our right during the entire climb.
When we arrive at the top, we descend a bit to visit the Llanos del Endrinal, and than we get back to the path that brought us. Now, going uphill, skirting the walls of the Reloj’s mountain. Still going up and with the possibility of being surrounded by Abardela roses (a native species), we arrive at the Charca Verde (a green pound), from there, by a path of stones, we will arrive at the Llano de los Mauletos. We will continue ascending to reach the Llano that’s is very close to the place where probably were the “Santos Lugares” (Holy Places).
We go through the funnel of the plain, on a slope with a fountain, a gate, and at the end we can see the house Fardela, the fountain and soon we will be in the Fuente de la Teja, Barrio Nazarí (an old jewesh neighborhood) and Benaocaz.

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