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Benaocaz – Llanos de la Huerta – Ojo del Moro – Castril – Benaocaz

23 February, 2017 by admin

Short but beautiful and very interesting route to do with children. We leave Benao-caz crossing the road right in front of the school and go down leaving it at our right. Soon we will be at the Fuente de las Piletas, then we cross the road and continue going down until arrive at Llanos de la Huerta. We turn right, taking the main track, and follow it for a section that is surrounded by elm trees and keep going in the direction of Los Chozos.
Before crossing the river, we left a path at our left, we have to cross the stream Pajaruco by the a Roman bridge, pass a Calera (an old lime oven made of stones) and right after crossing a gate, we go uo beside a rock wall, looking for the Ojo del Moro’s cave.
Kids and adults will love it, it is a bridge of rock with views of Benoacaz and Pajaruco river valley. Now we descend again to find the path that brought us, and arrive at the El Ojo del Moro. Be careful during the descent. Once at the lookout, return along the same path. When we are to the track we can aldo visit the source of Castril river where there is a picnic area where we can take a rest. Then back by the same way and we get into a small track that will take us to the road and we will catch sight of the village of Benaocaz.

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